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so wasup DA. man my DA accounts hasnt ben very active lately. im not doing so good in school so ive ben offline most of the time and if im lucky get on DA through my ipod but the mobile version of DA isnt very good >:P bleh.
i cant wait for christmas!!!! i already know evrything im getting from my parents the bigest thing being my XBOX360 and Final Fantasy 13 game!!! it was suppose to be for my B-day but my parents were being butheads and for some reason (i forgot) they decided to move it to christmas D:< at first i was really upset but im over it now. pluss christmas is so close already :D !!!!!!  i love christmas. its my favorite holiday :3 but sadly we didnt decorate the house this year or even put up a tree! and dont quite understand why :( when my mom was single and we were having money problems (we were almost poor :() we were still able to full out celebrate christmas. my mom and I would go out buying christmas candy and food for the holidays, decorating the whole house. we would sometimes make our own decoration making it look corny but i loved that. we spent hours decorating the tree. good times :meow: i feel kinda bad now knowing this christmas probably wont be as memorable. its gona be christmas eve tommorrow and my parents said we might not do ennything for christmas. they said they are just gonna leave the presents in the livingroom and we will stay home while my parents sleep all day (literally. they will sleep the whole day on week ends cause they have to go to work really late a night from 9pm to 7am).il see if i can get permission to go celebrate christmas at a friends house instead.
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night-howl Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I kinda know how you feel. Seems like when your little everything is great but as you grow things kinda fade away :/ But I do hope you get a good christmas and have at least a tree up!
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December 23, 2010